Voting Instructions

1. On the main page of the website at you can find photos of the five Candidates participating in the vote.

2. Select a Candidate to vote FOR or AGAINST.

3. After clicking one of the buttons, you will be redirected to the Candidate’s page with information about your vote.

4. Press the «ASSESS CANDIDATE» button.

5. Check out the assessment criteria. Below you will see a few questions. Give a score to the right of each question to express your opinion on the results achieved by the Candidate in the area:

-5 points – The Candidate harmed their country and / or humanity

0 points – Cannot decide

+5 points – The Candidate benefited their country and / or humanity

6. At the bottom of the page you will see a final assessment of the candidate’s activity based on your answers.

7. Voting is fee-based. The cost of a vote is $1. To add the amount of points to the final rating of the Candidate, click the «VOTE» button.

8. After clicking the «VOTE» button, a new page of the ROBOKASSA payment terminal will open with a choice of payment options. By default, the plastic card payment option is selected. Enter your card details, or select another option convenient for you and click the "Pay" button, then make a payment following the prompts of the payment system. The system interface is available in both Russian and English.

9. After successful payment, which the system will notify you of, click the «Return to Store» button, after which you will return to the page of the Candidate that you voted on. On this page you will see a message about successfully credited or subtracted points and the final rating of the Candidate your vote included.

If for some reason the payment failed, which will be reported on the payment page, you can click the "Return to Store" button to return to the Candidate page and retry the payment.

Important to know

1. You can vote FOR or AGAINST either one or all other candidates an unlimited number of times. Based on the amount of points accrued, the final score of each Candidate will be determined to conclude if their actions resulted in harm rather than good (for their country or humanity). The score of each Candidate may be complemented by their score as voted by their people on the Candidate’s individual website.

2. Voting will last until 06/31/2021, however, the organizers of the vote may change this date at their discretion without additional notice to the voters.

3. The project will direct part of the funds raised to the voting country’s charitable foundations to assist medical staff fighting against COVID-19.