How do I get a gift?

To become a participant in the promo, you need to go through the voting procedure, according to the «Voting instructions».

After each of your votes, your E-mail is entered into the database of the promo participants. The more you vote, the more often your E-mail gets into the draw and the higher the chance to receive a gift; read more about the gifts below.

More votes - more chances to win!

Participation gifts
Every 25 000 thousandth participant wins Apple AirPods Pro
Every 35 000 thousandth participant wins Apple Watch Series 5
Every 45 000 thousandth participant wins Apple iPad Pro
Every 55 000 thousandth participant wins Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Every 100 000 thousandth participant wins Apple MacBook Pro 13″

Promotion Campaign Rules


1.1. The Promotion is organized by WPWV ENTERPRISES LTD, the WEBSITE author, developer and owner.

The Promotion consists in giving gifts to voting participants, it is not a lottery or a gamble, gifts are distributed free of charge if the conditions specified in these Rules are met. The promotion is held in order to attract the attention of an indefinite number of people to the website of the Promotion Organizer for voting.

1.2. The promo is held for all Voters, regardless of their country of domicile or residence.

1.3. The promo website is a page on the Internet that is freely available at the unique address

1.4. Applicant is a person who has taken all necessary steps to participate in the Promotion on the Promo Website.

1.5. Voters who received the following unique serial numbers win promo gifts (hereinafter referred to as the “Winners”):

  • Participants with serial number: 25,000, 50,000, 75,000, 100,000, 125,000, 150,000 win Apple AirPods Pro;
  • Participants with serial numbers 35 000, 70 000, 105 000, 140 000 win Apple Watch Series 5;
  • Participants with serial numbers 45 000, 90 000, 135 000 win Apple iPad Pro;
  • Participants with serial numbers 55 000, 110 000 win Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • Participant with serial number 100 000 wins Apple MacBook Pro 13″.

Winners are determined in stages as the number of Participants grows.


2.1. General Promotion timeframe includes participation, summing up results and gift-giving and spans from June 20, 2020 through July 31, 2021.

2.2. The participation in the promo is available from June 20, 2020 through July 31, 2021.

2.3. The terms of the Promotion may be reduced or extended by decision of the Organizer without prior notice, from the moment of posting relevant information on the Promotion Website.


3.1. To participate in the Promotion and get a chance to receive a gift, the following conditions must be met:

3.1.1. Vote for or against one or more Candidates on the Promotion Website, according to the Voting Instructions available on the page:

3.2. The results of the Promotion are summarized as the Organizer receives serial numbers of the Promotion Participants during the voting.

3.3. Information about the Promotion Winners is published by the Organizer on the Promotion website.

3.4. Winners are informed about this by E-mail at the address specified by the Participant at the time of voting in accordance with clause 3.1.2 of the Rules, within 5 working days following the day the winner is determined.

3.5. In order to receive a gift, the Winner shall, within 5 working days, respond to the E-mail notification from the Organizer specified in clause 3.4 of the Rules. Otherwise, the Winner loses the right to receive the Promotion gift.


4.1. The Promotion fund was formed at the expense of the Organizer's own and raised funds.

4.2. Promo gifts:

4.2.1. 6 (six) Apple AirPods Pro

4.2.2. 4 (four) Apple Watches Series 5

4.2.3. 3 (three) Apple iPads Pro

4.2.4. 2 (two) Apple iPhones 11 Pro Max

4.2.5. 1 (one) Apple MacBook Pro 13″.


4.3.1. The organizer of the Promotion independently determines the specific models, configurations, colors and other characteristics of the Gifts.

4.3.2. Transfer of the Gift to third parties is not allowed. A gift can only be received by its Winner.

4.3.3. In order to receive a gift, the Winner shall fill out the Gift Acceptance Certificate in the form proposed by the Organizer. A gift is given only after the Winner has completed and signed such a certificate.

4.3.4. Cash gifts are not provided, as well as any gifts given on conditions different from those set forth in the Rules.

4.3.5. The winner independently picks up the gift at the address provided by the Organizer in the winning notification at the time agreed with the Organizer.

4.3.6. The Winner independently bears any responsibility in view of their actions or inaction related to receiving a gift.

4.3.7. When receiving a gift, the winner gives their consent to publish their name and photo taken when receiving the Promo gift in the media, on the Organizer's website and on social networks.


5.1 If, for any reason, any aspect of the Promotion cannot be implemented as planned, including reasons caused by infection with computer viruses, Internet problems, defects, manipulations, unauthorized interference, falsification, technical problems or any reason not controlled directly by the Organizer, which distorts or affects the performance, security, honesty, integrity or proper conduct of the Promotion, the Organizer may, at its sole discretion, cancel, terminate, modify or temporarily suspend the Promotion or take other measures to eliminate the possible adverse consequences of such events.

5.2 The Participant leaves their personal data on the Promotion Website and agrees that the Organizer can use the data to provide information on gifts, as well as for the purpose of sending information from the Organizer. The Participant agrees to the processing by the Organizer of their personal data, that is, the performance of, inter alia, the following actions: processing (including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data), as well as transferring processed information or information received in connection with such processing to third parties. This consent to the processing of data is given by the Participant until his withdrawal in the form specified in clause 3.1.2 of the Rules, or in any other form convenient for the Participant at the Organizer's details.

5.3 By participating in the Promotion, Participants agree to receive information messages regarding the Promotion and other campaigns of the Organizer by e-mail specified by the Applicant. In case of receiving a gift, the name and image of the Winner, including photographs, may be used by the Organizer to inform third parties about the Promotion and / or its results without the additional consent of the Participant and without any remuneration for it.

5.4 In order to withdraw consent to the storage and processing of their personal data, the participants of the Promotion are entitled to submit a withdrawal to the address of the Promotion Organizer.

5.5 The Organizer has the right to make changes to the Rules throughout the entire period of the Promotion by posting the Rules as amended on the Promotion Website, without additionally notifying the Participants about the changes.

5.6 June 20, 2020 (Moscow time) and are valid until the Promotion is completed or the Rules are changed or the Promotion is canceled at the initiative of the Organizer.

5.7 Participants are independently responsible for reading the Rules, all amendments and additions to them and checking relevant information on the Promotion Website on a periodic basis.

5.8 The Rules are considered changed or canceled from the day following the day relevant information is posted on the Promotion Website. If, after the entry into force of the changes, the Participant continues to participate in the Promotion, they shall be deemed to have accepted the changes in full.

5.9 All materials published on the Promotion website (texts, images, trademarks, etc.) are protected by copyright and belong to the Organizer. Any use of such materials without appropriate permits is unacceptable.

5.10 Participants are responsible for their actions when participating in the Promotion. In the event that the Organizer incurs losses due to violation by the Participant of the Rules, the Participant is obliged to reimburse the Organizer for the amount of damage caused by the actions.

5.11 It is strictly forbidden to use the Promotion Website for illegal actions, as well as interfere with the software code of the Promotion Website.

5.12 Participants independently bear all the risks associated with their non-compliance with the Rules and the current legislation. The costs incurred by the Participants in connection with participation in the Promotion are not reimbursable to the Participants under any circumstances. All Participants of the Promotion shall independently pay all taxes and expenses incurred by them in connection with their participation in the Promotion (including, without limitation, expenses associated with access to the Internet).

5.13 The Organizer is not liable for technical failures in the network of the Internet provider to which the Promotions Website and the Participant are connected that impede the proper use of the Promotions Website; for non-receipt by the Participants of messages sent by the Organizer, regardless of the reasons for their non-receipt; for failure to fulfill (untimely performance) by the Participants of the obligations stipulated by the Rules.

5.14 The Organizer is not responsible for the information specified incorrectly by the Participant on the Promotion Website, in the event that the Organizer cannot contact the Winner using the contact information indicated by them. In this case, the gift is recognized as unclaimed. Similarly, a gift is deemed unclaimed if, the Organizer is contacted to claim it by a person other than whose data was indicated when participating in the Promotion. In this case, the gift remains with the Organizer and is not awarded to any of the Participants in the Promotion.

5.15 The Organizer does not enter into written negotiations or in any other contacts with the Participants of the Promotion, except as otherwise provided by the Rules.

5.16 The Organizer does not compensate for any damage or loss incurred by the Winner / Participant as a result of the use / non-use of gifts.

5.17 The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the Rules without prior notice in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as a catastrophe, epidemic, war, earthquake, or in case of actual, expected or alleged violation of any of their current laws or regulations and the like.

These Rules are approved by the Organizer on June 19, 2020.