International voting to determine the leaders of world politics
to award the Order «For the Benefit of Humanity»Outside of Politics, outside of States
Address to Users

Dear citizens of Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania!

Dear Internet users and members of social media communities and groups!

Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce that after a thorough, detailed preparation, a unique project of international voting to rank world political leaders starts on the website on June 20, 2020.

The project is unique because it’s not professional political scientists, economists, intellectuals and other representatives of the elites and establishment, but you and I, ordinary, regular citizens of different countries, people in the street, or rather, people on the Internet, who will evaluate the leaders of world politics, their professional, business, as well as personal, human qualities.

Each of us has our own life experience, our own knowledge and horizons, our own idea of good and evil, the meaning and essence of life, our vision and our own assessment of everything that is happening around us, in our country and in the world. And therefore, each of us is an EXPERT, if not by education, then by life!

And now this website gives you the opportunity to express your expert opinion about various politicians, if they have done good or bad for their country, people or humanity in order to let them know and understand how people that they are responsible for feel about them.

The specific goal of the project is to determine the best and worst politicians. To identify the most reputable and effective politicians who bring the greatest benefit through their activities. And, on the contrary, to name those who cause the greatest harm to their country, their people, all of humanity.

You can be sure that our voting, summing up its results and the announcement of the best and worst politicians in the world will become a world-class event.

And this event will take place thanks to our personal participation, due to the fact that we will bring information about this project to our friends, colleagues, relatives and convince them of the importance of voting, the need to participate in it.

The most important thing for us is not the pursuit of sensational voting results, not the scores and ratings. The main thing is to make politicians think about their activities and compare their results with the needs and expectations of people. The main thing is to make politicians more efficient, more effective, more humane.

Friends, we are starting! Voting begins! Join now!